Our Mission



The Curious Reader is not just a web magazine for readers, by readers, but also a home for book lovers. This is a safe place for you to share your opinions about the books you have read and the ones you want to read. This is a place for you to discover new books and to explore the world of books with like-minded folks through articles and discussions.

Take a peek at other readers’ experiences through personal essays and learn something new about the literary world through research-based features. You’ll also find some fun facts, discover the origins of popular words and phrases, and dig into curated lists of books recommended by other readers. This is where you learn about the literary world we live in and the imaginary world we often escape to.

Why The Curious Reader?

We are readers, just like you. Over the years, we’ve noticed and been distressed by the fact that reading has lost its community aspect with people reading in isolation as opposed to engaging in discussion despite the internet making it easier than ever to do so. We are here to create an online community of book readers and lovers, and to introduce you to your new life-long friends.

However, we believe an online community needs to be a safe space for you to air your views without worrying about trolls. We believe that healthy discussion can only take place if we don’t have to engage with people who get personal or don’t contribute to the conversation. To this end, we moderate all comments to prevent trolls from spreading their vitriol through this site. We do not intend to censor you but we do intend to ensure that there is none of the negativity (which has pervaded most other online communities) on The Curious Reader. As creators of this space, it is our duty to make this forum safe for you.

Say ‘no’ to online trolling and ‘yes’ to meaningful exchange of opinions and thoughts.

Our Origin Story

The Curious Reader is born out of passion- a passion for reading; a passion for discussion; and a passion for debate.

Being family, we would meet over summer break and spend countless hours discussing what we had read and were reading. Given our schools were in different cities, we would write long letters to each other through the year, discussing our latest literary find. As life continued and we got busy with our work, we were unable to meet often. Till a calling drew us to the same city- a calling to do something for our first true love. And thus, The Curious Reader was born.

Since then, we’ve discussed, debated and argued over what The Curious Reader should be. But we knew that The Curious Reader needs to exist- not just for us, but for other readers who need a place like this.

Welcome to The Curious Reader. You’re home.

The Editors

Nirbhay Kanoria

As a young boy, Nirbhay had the annoying habit of waking up at 5 a.m. Since television was a big no-no, he had no choice but to read to entertain himself, and that’s how his love affair with books began. After devouring all the Roald Dahl’s and Enid Blyton’s he could, he discovered the works of Agatha Christie. Since then, he’s gone on to read pretty much anything he could lay his hands on – from mysteries and thrillers to business and fantasy fiction. A true-blue Piscean, books paved the path to his fantasy worlds- worlds he’d often rather stay in.

Devanshi Jain

Devanshi has been reading ever since she can remember. What started off as an obsession with Enid Blyton, slowly morphed into a love for mystery and fantasy. Even her choice of career as a lawyer was heavily influenced by the works of Erle Stanley Gardner and John Grisham. After quitting law, and while backpacking around India, she read books on entrepreneurship, taught herself web design and delved into social media marketing. She doesn’t go anywhere without a book.

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