Suicide Notes

November 28, 2019

All of us respond differently to poetry. The same poem can make someone laugh and another cry. What is rare, however, is for a poem to evoke the same reaction in a group of people, all with differing tastes in poetry. And, that is exactly what happened when we read this poem by Lea. Though the subject she deals with is not a light one, the emotions that come through are poignant, to say the least. The love and sense of nostalgia at the start to the reassurance given to the author’s friend – these are all evocative and identifiable. We do hope that you will be able to connect with the emotional value behind this poem.

For Ammachy:

The buzz of our gas-light
and your tuneless whistling
were the soundtracks to my sleepless childhood.
I hear you again
as I finally fall asleep.

For Basavan: 

 Jumping into your arms
from a moss-green garden wall
taught me courage.
Even now,
eyes closed, breath held,
I’ll smile before I jump.
For Tracy, my oldest friend:

I promise you couldn’t have helped.
Remember me in adventure
and dappled love-light:
Red, Red, fade to black.

For Robert: 

Coward in death
like you, in life.
I love you.
I always have.
Where will you run to now?

Lea Jacob

Lea Jacob

Lea Jacob is a freelance writer, poet and mother to two beautifully chaotic little (human) beings. She doesn’t write as often as she’d like, but is constantly thinking up titles for her next book of poems.

Read her articles here.