The Heaven And Earth Bridge

February 26, 2020

Bridges play an important role, both in mythology and religion. This bridge to heaven, salvation, peace or nirvana is one that needs to be crossed alone. It is this crossing that completes one’s spiritual, creative and emotional journey. In other words, it represents one’s emotional acceptance of truth and is meant to set a person free from the materialistic trappings of the world. Describing this poem as ‘an absurdist journey’, Pitamber tries to analyse introspection, existentialism and salvation for every human.

As a musk-deer, I wander in abandon,
Chasing the queer odour adrift in the morrow-wind,
Lips pursed in intent perusal;
I found it,
Beyond time.
The haunt of countless generations of poets, artists and ascetics,
The safe haven of the recluse,
The abode of the hermit;

Here I stand at the Heaven-and-Earth Bridge,
above time,
which dissolves as a fine, sparse veil of mist underneath,
Bridging the torrid river that never was.
I scout, and scour the skies, desperate to divine an omen;
Watching in askance the homebound birds.
From my precarious perch;
Those stray strokes have returned,
My prodigal creations, bound unto hitherto, sooner or later.
I ruminate my thoughts, alas, they have turned into poetry!
I ingested raw emotion, yet, I regurgitate verse;
I mull the cud, with resign.

Here I stand at the Heaven and Earth Bridge.
Virgin, pristine, unmarred by time and promise;
Forever frequented by my muses.
The afterimage still flickers,
In my eyes, your silhouette is still, as when you left.
I wonder if you’ve grown, transmogrified;
As my prodigal creation, from that one stroke of ephemeral epiphany,
A reckless, incoherent impulse of ecstasy.

Here I stand at the Heaven and Earth Bridge,
I hop off the stepping stone,
Time dissolves, its purpose served.
The only road to surmount the waterfall, begins in a penance underneath.
Ah, the myopia of farsightedness,
The foolhardiness of introspection in the superficiality of hubris
Your afterimage still flickers
An island of naïveté; An island nonetheless
A bittersweet limbo; An isolation all the same.
Its very respite its pang
Ah, the persistence of vision.

Here I stand at the Heaven and Earth Bridge,
liaising two worlds,
that my flesh interrupts.
My island of solace,
Inside me.

Pitamber K

Pitamber K

Pitamber is a columnist, journalist, writer and researcher, identifying as an empath first, a utopian-socialist next, and a culture-enthusiast last. He takes a keen interest in philosophy, mythology, theology, literature, epistemology and etymology. You can follow him on Twitter.

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