Non-fiction seems to dominate October’s most anticipated books list. From books about adapting to change by CEOs to managing your time by “time-experts”, and from real-life spy stories to books about finding joy, and not to forget Stephen Hawking’s final posthumous publication, all these non-fictions are likely to make it to your to-read list. Fiction isn’t too far behind, with best-selling authors releasing sequels, venturing into new genres, and two eminent Pakistani authors releasing their works once again. It looks like October is going to be a packed month with back-to-back exciting book releases.


The Challenge Culture: Why The Most Successful Organizations Run On Pushback

Nigel Travis

Nigel Travis (ex-CEO of Dunkin’ Brands) writes this part memoir, part business book, which focuses on why businesses need to be adaptable to change. Covering his successes at Dunkin’ and his failures at the now-defunct Blockbuster, Travis gives examples of how adapting to change have shown direct results and not doing so could lead to disaster, such as, Blockbuster’s refusal to adapt to a Netflix model. To do so, it is important that there is a ‘challenge culture’ and all employees are allowed to speak their mind. Travis also elaborates on how to bring about this culture. This book is a must-read for all those who want to set up successful corporations.

Available from October 01, 2018. Buy it here.


The Guilty Feminist

Deborah Frances-White

Australian comedian Deborah Frances-White runs a successful podcast called The Guilty Feminist that has had over 50 million downloads. This month she released a book by the same name, which easily makes it to our list of most anticipated books. In her podcast, she covers topics such as the irony of being a feminist- advocating women empowerment while still enjoying America’s Next Top Model, and her book promises to cover just as exciting subjects. The Guilty Feminist is, amongst other things, about accepting your imperfections, being a leader, the secret power of rom-coms and what poker has to do with gender roles!

Available from October 04, 2018. Buy it here.


Make Time

Jake Knapp & John Zeratsky

Authors of New York Times bestseller Sprint, creators of The Design Sprint, and editors of the popular newsletter Time Dorks, Kanpp and Zeratsky are experts at time management. This book is, no surprises here, about how to best manage your time so you can do everything you enjoy. Unlike many theories which proffer solutions such as axing things out of your life, Make Time is about to how to make small changes in your daily routine so you can fit everything you would want to do in one day, without feeling rushed or that you need more time. Providing a four-step framework that can be adapted to your needs, this book promises to end all feelings of “I wish I had more time”.

Available from October 04, 2018. Buy it here.


The Skripal Files: The Life and Near Death of a Russian Spy

Mark Urban

Sergei Skripal was a double agent- he worked in Russian military intelligence but secretly provided information to the British. Following a prison sentence, he relocated to the U.K. where he and his daughter were poisoned with the deadly Novichok nerve gas and narrowly escaped their death. Immediately accusations were levied against Russia and relations between the West and Russia hit an all-time low. This book is written by bestselling author Mark Urban and is based on hours of interviews between the author and the spy. It covers not only how Skripal became a spy for the UK and his time in prison, but also his role in the context of, as well as the current situation of, the spy wars going on between Russia and the West.

Available from October 04, 2018. Buy it here.


Joyful: The Surprising Power Of Ordinary Things To Create Extraordinary Happiness

Ingrid Fetell Lee

TED speaker and former design director of IDEO New York, Ingrid Fetell Lee, believes your surroundings and the space you are in can provide you with joy- and that what Joyful is about. She theorises that the easiest way to find joy is to change your surroundings. Calling energy, freedom, harmony, play, celebration, etc the ‘aesthetics of joy’, she discusses how applying them to the space we live or work in can immediately bring joy to our lives. Lee goes to the extent of calling joy a form of sustenance, at par with food and shelter. Given the times we live in, we need joy more than ever, so we definitely recommend reading it.

Available from October 04, 2018. Buy it here.


The Labyrinth Of The Spirits

Carlos Ruiz Zafon

The fourth and final book of Zafon’s The Cemetery Of Forgotten Books series, The Labyrinth Of The Spirits promises to be just as exciting as the first and most famous book, The Shadow Of The Wind. While familiar characters, Daniel Sempere and Fermin, feature in the book, a new protagonist, Alicia Gris is also introduced. Orphaned at the age of nine and now working for Spain’s secret police, Gris is investigating the disappearance of the Minister of Culture, Mauricio Valls. The discovery of a mysterious book takes her to Barcelona, the Sempere family, and of course, the cemetery of forgotten books. Set in the dark period of Francoist Spain, The Labyrinth is the thriller we’ve all been waiting for.

Available from October 11, 2018. Buy it here.


Bridge Of Clay

Markus Zusak

From author of the best-selling The Book Thief, Bridge Of Clay, easily makes it to our list of most anticipated books of October. While retaining the same magic as The Book Thief, Bridge Of Clay is Zusak’s first adult fiction. Set in a house where five brothers live not with their parents, but instead, with a menagerie of animals and no rules, this book promises to tug at your heartstrings. Narrated in a non-linear fashion by the eldest brother, you will experience obsession, joy, animosity and a deep dark secret, all in one book.

Available from October 11, 2018. Buy it here.


Brief Answers To The Big Questions

Stephen Hawking

Published posthumously, Stephen Hawking’s final book, Brief Answers To The Big Questions provides solutions to the problems plaguing mankind today. He covers diverse topics such as nuclear war, the role of A.I. in the future, and climate change in this book. He doesn’t stop there and goes on to attempt to answer some brilliantly relevant and thought-provoking questions on space-colonisation and humanity’s survival. Considered the final message of the genius, this is one book you cannot miss out on.

Available from October 17, 2018. Buy it here.


Red Birds

Mohammed Hanif

Multiple award-winning writer and playwright, Mohammed Hanif, is back with a new novel about war, family and love. Major Ellie, a U.S. Air Force pilot crash lands into a desert and, ironically, is taken to and saved at the very same camp he was supposed to bomb. Meanwhile, parallel to Ellie’s story runs that of a young boy named Momo who is dreaming up schemes and business plans to become a millionaire. Subsequently, as Ellie ruminates on the lack of his relationship with his wife, he is taken in by Momo’s family and develops new relationships with his adoptive Muslim family.

Available from October 18, 2018. Buy it here.


The Reckoning

John Grisham

Legal thriller master, John Grisham, is back and writes of the most anticipated books of October. Returning to the fictional town of Clanton, Mississippi, The Reckoning is set in 1946 and is the story of the murder trial of Pete Banning, a World War II hero. Banning was a faithful Christian and the proverbial good neighbour, so what prompted him to take the life of a Church Reverend? The Reckoning promises to be 512 pages of pure thrill and excitement, and probably the most unputdownable book of October.

Available from October 23, 2018. Buy it here.


Dare To Lead: Bold Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts.

Brene Brown

Research professor at the University of Houston, Brene Brown, is back in October with a new book on how to cultivate leaders within your organisations. Having spent the last twenty years researching emotions in the workplace, Brown believes that leadership and courage are intrinsically linked and that it isn’t a title that makes a good leader but an ability to recognise potential and then develop it further. In Dare To Lead, Brown provides you with solutions on how to teach courage to people, and how to make them good leaders.

Available from October 23, 2018. Buy it here.


The Runaways

Fatima Bhutto

Famous Pakistani novelist Fatima Bhutto releases her third book, The Runaways, so naturally it becomes one of the most anticipated books of October. Set in Karachi, London, Portsmouth and Mosul, The Runaways, through fiction¸ focuses on the Muslim identity in a world which is ideologically divided. The lives of a slum-dwelling girl trying to escape her impoverished life, a rich but confused playboy, and a misfit, converge in the middle of a war-torn desert, where they are forced to band together and face some of the skeletons in their closets. This book promises to be a compelling and evocative read.

Available from October 24, 2018. Buy it here.


Atomic Habits

James Clear

James Clear is a world-renowned habits expert and in his book, Atomic Habits, he talks about how to break out of bad habits and create good habits which can transform your life. He doesn’t believe in massive shifts but in small changes to your daily routine, which when all added up, make a big difference. He calls simple habits, such as doing two push-ups a day, atomic habits. He also teaches you life hacks such as the Two Minute Rule and how to enter the ‘Goldilocks Zone’. Using examples of real-life world leaders and sportsmen, he proves his theories. So if you have a bad habit and looking to break it, or simply want to make your life better, definitely pick up Atomic Habits.

Available from October 3o, 2018. Buy it here.

Disclaimer: Some of these books were previously available on Kindle or as international editions which were available for import. This list features Indian editions of these books, which tend to be more affordable. The information featured here is accurate as of September 19, 2018. However, please keep in mind, publication dates may change.

Which of these books, scheduled to release in October, are you most excited about? Are there any other books you’re looking forward to reading in October? Share with us in the comments below.